Annexus and the Phoenix Suns

Annexus and the Phoenix Suns

What you sponsor is sometimes
as important as who you sponsor

The long-standing partnership between Annexus and the Phoenix Suns at first glance might seem odd. Our product isn’t a direct to consumer or packaged good and doesn’t really fit the model of your normal sports sponsorship. But we’ve innovated the annuity industry, why not innovate sports partnerships as well?

Practice makes perfect. While you may be familiar with the Annexus Club at US Airways Center, there is another facet to our Suns partnership that lines up with the core values of our business — the Annexus Practice Court. Hidden away, in the zero floor of the Suns arena, the Annexus Practice Court is where these incredible athletes work tirelessly on their craft. This area of the US Airways Center is where Suns players dedicate themselves to understanding and innovating the game. This spirit of hard work and innovation makes the practice court, as well as the Annexus branded jerseys, ideal additions to the partnership’s Annexus Club. Elite performers stick together and as we embark on another season of exciting basketball, the Suns and Annexus are poised for success.