Annexus® excels in driving innovation, development and distribution of guaranteed retirement income and accumulation products that are the cornerstone of a modern retirement plan. Annexus® technology drives the secured benefits that our partners deliver, financial professionals require and their clients value to achieve their long-term financial goals.


Innovation for Real Life

Whether your goal is income for life, inflation and market protection or risk-free accumulation, Annexus® designed retirement income planning solutions are considered breakthroughs in the marketplace. With more patents, both issued and pending, than all competitors combined, Annexus® continues to lead the industry in solutions that make a difference in your life when you need it most.

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How We’re Connected

Annexus Institution Partners

Financial Institutions

The foundation of every financial product powered by Annexus® technology is a solid and carefully selected financial institution partner. Annexus® partners with top-tier institutions that benefit from its…

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Annexus offers patented retirement income solutions

Annexus® Innovation

The role of the Annexus® development team is to research the institution’s existing products for opportunities and then leverage those opportunities to develop new and more attractive products…

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Annexus Financial Professionals

Financial Professionals

Annexus® has strategically partnered with the top financial professionals across the country to create an elite network that includes certified financial planners, registered investment advisors…

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Client-centric retirement income solutions

Financial Solutions

When you think about your financial goals for retirement, what is most important to you? Is it retirement income that gives you the freedom to live your life without limits? Is it the peace of mind that comes…

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